HYB type jet liquefaction device
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  • Product Name:HYB type jet liquefaction device
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Product Introduction:

Hyb jet liquefier is mainly used for production of glucose, maltose syrup, malt sugar, fruit grape syrup, starch sugar, monosodium glutamate, alcohol, Lai ammonia acid, beer, glycerin, citric acid, lactic acid etc. using starch as raw material of fermentation industry.

Using jet liquefier of liquefaction, raw material of starch liquefaction is completely, the protein coagulation effect is good, how the separation effect of starch and protein, depends to feed liquid is the ability to form the micro turbulence in the jet, from the existing injector structure, the micro turbulence intensity is weak, and new hyb injector can form high strength micro turbulence, starch dispersion effect is good, protein aggregation effect and starch and protein separation effect (good through the injector proteins were clustered together floating on the surface), sugar solution filtration greatly accelerate the speed, Ruyi corn starch production of glucose filtrate rate is more than 180L/M it.Hr-0.2Mpa. So as to starch sugar as raw material for the normal production of a variety of fermentation industry has laid the foundation.

Suitable for the raw materials such as corn, rice, and other raw materials, no clogging.

Past domestic jet liquefier due to the pore size of nozzle, especially the superheated steam jet liquefaction, often clogging phenomenon, the impact of continuous production, new hyb series injector, from the point of view of the structure principle, eliminating the possibility of clogging. In slurry particles meters or starch concentration is equal to or larger than he isn, jam, from the point of view of the application of the manufacturers, more than one year injector without the need of disassembling, due to the hyb injection is even in the whole grain rice liquid no jam, so for the industry application of raw material for sugar to create the conditions (such as lemon production with corn starch). As in the use of the process does not produce jam, so some industries can also remove concentrated, reducing the equipment investment, saving steam.

According to the long-term market survey, due to the large amount of cassava raw materials such as sand and serious wear of nozzle, production equipment to use a shorter length, my company specializes in the design and development of a full range of high quality wear resistant, over-current part of the hard alloy wear resistant material manufacturing, thus basically ending the abrasion problem, extend equipment service life. Welcome manufacturers targeted selection

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