HYB-D type low pressure steam ejector
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  • Product Name:HYB-D type low pressure steam ejector
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Product Introduction:

Performance characteristics:

Good liquefaction effect. Low pressure steam jet liquefier in the liquefaction process can form high strength micro turbulence; starch dispersion effect is good, zero hour saccharification has no insoluble powder granule protein were clustered together, floating on the surface, greatly speeding up the sugar solution filtration speed. The deficiency of the end of the glycation caused by the intermittent liquefaction of the material due to the uneven liquid is eliminated. Change the protein to solidification, sugar is difficult to be filtered and proteins, dextrin mixed in sugar, resulting in fermentation bubble increased, liquid escape serious. After the procedure of the extraction rate and refined liquid poor quality production.

Jet liquefaction continuous, non clogging. Low pressure steam jet liquefier from the structure and principle of completely eliminating the clogging phenomenon, in slurry with whole grain rice or starch concentration is equal to or larger than he isn of cases, it is impossible to jam: from the point of view of the manufacturers of, use 1 ~ 3 years within the jet liquefier does not need to be disassembled and cleaned, eliminating the past domestic jet liquefier due to the injection of the aperture and other reasons, especially with superheated steam injection, frequently blocked and can not continuously produce defects.

Suitable for low pressure and superheated steam jet liquefaction. The jet liquefaction is used to strip the steam manner, the driving force for liquid, not only for low pressure steam, but also for superheated steam jet liquefaction, at 105 DEG C for about jet liquefaction, steam pressure only 0.1MPa can meet the demand of liquefaction, and, with steam equilibrium, vapor-liquid mixing, compared with the traditional method for liquefying, saving steam more than 15%.

Please note when using:

1 ejector steam inlet and feed inlet need to be installed vertically.

2 the steam chamber of the ejector and the material liquid chamber need to be installed 0~105

3 in order to avoid the injector mouth bag rope and other debris clogging, should be in the mixing tank when adding slag (basket sieve 14 mesh ~16 mesh / inch)

High consistency pump 4 starch milk feeding pump adopts the working pressure greater than 0.6MPa

5 the device is suitable for the 30~40% concentration of starch milk. According to process requirements to adjust the pH value, add the required enzyme preparation

6 injection device before use, the first jet valve needle up 2-5 circle, and then open the steam valve, the injectors and temperature keeping preheating tank to 108 degrees, and then start the feed pump, open into the feed valve, gradually closed small reflux valve, so that enters the jet device of the feed liquid pressure greater than into the injection device of steam pressure, the flow adjusting valve, a valve needle is hollow membrane formation of starch milk incident from the nozzle in the process piping.

7 adjust the steam valve and feed valve, is the temperature of the liquid outlet to reach the process requirements

8 after the end of the application of water rinse jet, keep it clean


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